My 365

Welcome to my 365 page! 2018 marks the fifth year I’ve done this project and it has become really special to our family. I take a photo each day and post them here. It has been so fun to look back over the years and smile about the amazing times we have. I would encourage anyone to do their own 365 project. ¬†Thanks for following along!


1.16.18 | Clayton makes Emmett so happy!

1.15.18 | I’m so thankful they have each other.

1.14.18 | Seems like a good place for a video game.

1.13.18 | Rainy days don’t stop them. They brought out everything from our garage to make a track.

1.12.18 | Tippy-toes.

1.11.18 | Love those green eyes.

1.10.18 | Warm hoodie weather.

1.9.18 | I cut his mullet off.

1.8.18 | For about 30 seconds, all four children worked on a puzzle together.

1.7.18 | His love of riding bikes is fierce.

1.6.18 | Adventures of a fourth child.

1.5.18 | Taking over the streets of Roswell.

1.4.18 | I love this smile.

1.3.18 | Nap skipping and proud

1.2.18 | Brother Cuddles

1.1.18 | Watching TV

I n s t a g r a m