The Dalla Venezia Family | Family Photo Session

It’s been over four years since I learned how to use my camera and begin my photography journey. When I first started, I had no intentions of taking photos for other families. I simply wanted to have the ability to take great pictures of our growing family. I fell in love with it though and wanted to continue learning and taking photos. After posting some photos online, my friend Kim asked if I would take pictures of her family. I’m sure that small gesture wasn’t a big deal to Kim, but it was the beginning stages of growing my photography business. I’m so thankful for her belief in me, which still continues to this day. Having someone in your corner who continues to tell you that they believe in you is so important when doing something that feels very vulnerable at times. I will always be thankful for Kim!!

We met up last weekend to take some updated pictures and had a blast. The whole Dalla Venezia family is so full of love. They are so kind, funny, warm, and they are the type of people who focus on filling up other people. I know that everyone who has the pleasure of knowing them knows what treasures they are.

Here are some of my favorites shots of our time together.

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