Emmett | Six

Emmett turns six today! We’ve had a very busy year and it feels like he has grown up without me looking. He has gotten bigger, taller, and stronger, but he has also gotten so smart. He is starting to read and is interested in learning older things. He was very ready to start Kindergarten and has done great so far. Although I can tell he is nervous, he bravely boards the school bus each morning.

Emmett loves playing baseball – particularly hitting and throwing the ball as hard and far as he possibly can. This season his little brother is on his team, so he gets to show him the ropes and help develop his brother’s confidence. He loves his sister and brothers and although he gives them a hard time once in awhile, he protects them at all costs. We are so proud of him and love him so much!!

Emmett and I had a special evening at the park, taking some pictures before playing on the playground. Even if you don’t have the pleasure to personally know Emmett, you can see in the pictures how sweet and full of love he is. Happy Birthday, Buddy!

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