Party of Six

New family pictures! New family pictures! It feels like Christmas! There aren’t many things more exciting for me than having updated photos of my family, but it feels even more special since these are our first family pictures with all six of us. Once I realized that we hadn’t taken a family photo since the week Clayton was born, I was motivated to get some new ones.

I asked a friend to come along to help snap the family shots so that we didn’t have to use the tripod again. We were all in tears last time we tried that. However, even with help it wasn’t exactly easy. I barely had enough time to get myself ready and everyone loaded in the car. The older boys had food on their face, the baby still has cradle cap, Emmett refused to wear his blue shirt for more than 10 minutes, Clayton wound up wearing something that didn’t coordinate, a baby bottle found its way into half of the pictures, BUT I love them anyway. I know all parents feel the same way, but I’m so proud when I see our wild and crazy gang together for a picture. Our typical days are long, busy, loud, and exhausting, and it often feels like I just can’t get myself together. When I’m able to see a glimpse of our family from afar, I realize that we are doing okay. They are all happy, fairly normal, nice kids and Stephen and I still crave more time together. That’s a win in my book!

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot.


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